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8 Reasons You Should Know About PUSH!

February 25, 2015

1. You love movies? What a coincidence.
We're having a film festival!

2. PUSH! Film Festival is happening in Historic Downtown Bristol, TN/VA in June 2015.
Here's how we got our name: The original Bristol sign built in 1910 carried the slogan "Push! That's Bristol" to reflect the push in growth Bristol was undergoing in the early 1900s. By 1915, the sign had been moved to span State Street, and in 1921, the old slogan was replaced with the current one: "Bristol: A Good Place to Live." Based on that cool history, we named the festival PUSH!, a shout-out to the growth in arts, culture and heritage happening in our town. Plus, it can be used as a play on words: push play to start the movie.

3. Our Kickstarter campaign is a STAFF PICK, which translates as "Check this out!"
Go ahead...check it out, share it with your friends, and become a supporter: PUSH! Film Festival Kickstarter.

4. We are curating great films (indies, documentaries, dramas) to show in downtown venues.
We have already secured the new Shovels & Rope documentary — check out the trailer here: The Ballad of Shovels and Rope. And this week, our film committee is watching trailers, discussing plots and directors and genres, and munching on popcorn and Junior Mints, all in an effort to narrow down our choices to pick some great films to share with YOU! We're also finalizing venues for the festival, some of which include the Paramount, Bristol Public Library, Foundation Event Facility, and Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

5. We're also going to host a competition for filmmakers, including ones from our region so you might know the contestants...or you could be one of them!
The deadline for film submissions is April 20 (regular deadline) and May 18 (late deadline)...go ahead and mark it on your calendars and tell any filmmakers you know that they should submit their films! If you're not submitting a film, be sure to attend the festival in June so that you can pick your own favorites!

6. We will be hosting exciting parties, Q&As, and meet-ups, attended by filmmakers and you. Fun, times a million!
This is your opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes knowledge – from learning about costuming and storyboarding to an exclusive wrap party at the end of this inaugural festival.

7. Our film festival committee is a division of Believe in Bristol, and is made up of your friends in the Tri-Cities.
Believe in Bristol works hard to help make Historic Downtown Bristol a vibrant place, full of fun events and entertainment, unique shopping, and great food. PUSH! will help in that revitalization – our aim is to expand the artistic image of our region, engage new audiences in the world of film, and inspire creativity in all of us. The film festival committee is made up of designers, artists, videographers, academics, community supporters, and film lovers – and we want to share our love of film with YOU!

8. If you back our Kickstarter, we show you love. Your rewards: stickers, tees, VIP access passes...the list goes on.
And not only do you get some great rewards, but based on the level you choose, you get recognized as an iconic film character: The Dude, Ferris Bueller, Han Solo, Axel Foley, Ellen Ripley, Rambo, Holly Golightly, and James Bond.

But best of all, YOU help make this film festival a reality. Thank you!