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Arts and Entertainment District of Downtown Bristol to offer

June 13, 2012

Arts and Entertainment District of Downtown Bristol to offer
Who Art You? Kids Camp Again

Believe in Bristol and the Arts and Entertainment District of Downtown Bristol are pleased to announce the continuation of an arts-based summer camp for children called “Who Art You? Find Yourself at Art Camp”. The camp will be offered for two weeks during the summer, the first session will be held June 25-29, and the second session will be held July 23-27. This is the second year the district has offered this camp.

The purpose of the art camp will be to expose campers to the vast array of arts experiences there are to be had in Downtown Bristol. During their week at Who Art You? camp, children ages 8-12 will participate in a vast array of creative endeavors including culinary arts, creative movement, music, magic, healing arts (yoga), painting, story telling, martial arts, pottery, and more. In addition, daily walking tours, including the Art in Public Places tour and the Promise Walk, will educate campers about the heart of their community.

“We are thrilled to again be offering such a diverse arts-oriented experience to children in our community,” said Katherine Bowman, Associate Director of Believe in Bristol. “Our campers will get a sampling of all the great arts in Downtown Bristol and will hopefully go on from their experience at camp to further explore an arts avenue they found particularly rewarding.”

Each day will offer a different experience for Who Art You? campers. For example, a day could include hand building techniques for wet clay at Kil’n Time from 9 am to 11 am, take lunch and learn oral tradition from the Beaver Creek Storytellers from 11 am to 1 pm and then try their hand at basic kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks at Japan Karate-Do Organization from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Registration deadline for the first session of camp is June 21, and the second session deadline is July 15. Cost is $250 per child. Space is limited to 10 campers per session, so call today to reserve your spot. For more information, please contact Katherine Bowman at Believe in Bristol at 423-573-2200 or kbowman@believeinbristol.org.