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Bristol Public Library Receives Donation to Purchase Large Print Books

March 18, 2016

The Bristol Public Library has received a $1000 donation to be used for large print books. The donation has been given by Dr. John Gross of Carolina Macula and Retina in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Dr. Gross’s donation is in honor of his grandmother Mrs. Negetha Powers.

"I love the idea of the large print books helping the sight impaired community and putting them in memory of Meme. I'm sure the act of reading preserves that spirit of freedom and independence which is diminished often times with macular degeneration and most seniors prefer to read over audio books."

“My grandmother lived in Bristol and suffered from macular degeneration,” said Dr. Gross. “She was an avid reader and the large print books provided by the Bristol Public Library helped to preserve her spirit of freedom and independence which had diminished with her loss of vision. She had to give up driving and other tasks, but thanks to these books she was able to indulge her life-long love of reading."

Reference Librarian Jeanne Powers was excited and pleased at word of the donation. “We have a growing number of people who enjoy all sorts of large print books: westerns, romance, mysteries, and non-fiction. This donation will allow us to expand our selections in all these categories.”

Dr. Gross graduated from the Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University.