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Sands & Hearn premiers song recorded at The Earnest Tube

February 08, 2018

Husband and wife duo Sands & Hearn premier their new song entitled "Oakleigh Street" on the Sands & Hearn YouTube channel. The two recently wrote and then recorded the tune (along with three more songs) at The Earnest Tube in Bristol, Virginia in January of this year, where they set up a camera and captured the moment to video.

The Earnest Tube is a direct to lacquer disc recording studio owned and operated by Clevelanders Clint Holley, and his partner Dave Polster, who along with Bristol resident Michael Peck, make up the engineering team. "Before 1950 almost all music was recorded directly to a wax or lacquer disc or cylinder," says Holly. "Special 'cutting machines' were employed called cutting lathes to carve grooves into the medium, which could then be played by a stylus. The Earnest Tube uses several vintage cutting lathes to recreate the experience of recording live to disc. No overdubs, no fixing it in the mix.'

Sanda & Hearn were first inspired to write "Oakleigh Street" while attending a talk on the history of Euclid, OH. Along with learning the origins of the town they currently call home, they also discovered that many of the original street names had been changed to numbers as part of urban planning and development, and that the original names tell more about the neighborhoods and the people who lived there than a simple number ever could.

The duo, who released their first full-length album Time Is A Line in 2017, are planning an audio release of the new material they recorded in Bristol, possibly as digital singles and on limited-run vinyl sometime in the future.