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State of the Arts 2013: A Great Weekend Was Had By All!

June 15, 2013

BRISTOL, VA/TN— Art is not just one interpretation that is put into a frame and hung on the wall. It can be a collection of mediums — glass that captures sunlight, oils that blaze a canvas or a dancer mystifying the audience with a perfectly executed ballon, or the appearance of walking on air.

All genres were displayed Saturday with State Street in downtown Bristol as the easel during Believe in Bristol’s 3rd Annual State of the Arts Weekend, which continues Sunday with selected events through 5 p.m.

An event custom-designed for art on the flow and go was Saturday’s Power Hour competition at the State Street Farmers Market. A total of 17 artists were given one hour — using their medium of choice —for a piece of work that would be given prime Internet traffic space on Believe in Bristol’s website and Facebook page.

The winner was determined by the amount of money they received in tips during the 60 minutes of work.

Steven Mullins earned $145 during his time on the clock as his acrylic earth-tone painting was declared the champion of the hour, according to Believe in Bristol Executive Director Christina Blevins.

“This whole weekend is about the creative class of people we have in Bristol,” she said. “We had terrific turnouts in competitors, in participants in our kids’ day art celebration and in visitors. The amount of tal-ented artists we have in this region and in Bristol truly takes two cities to hold its creative energy.”

Blowfish Emporium associate Richard Blaylock said their collection of artistic works, ranging from original acrylic prints to custom glass figurines is 100 percent local and helps the artisan network continue to thrive from one end of State Street to the other.

“The art scene here is becoming more renowned and recognized locally. That is why we feature works from local artists, to show visitors to Bristol the talented work of these workers who put a lot of passion into what they do,” he said.

Priceless works of art sat motionless inside the large picture window area of The Bristol Ballet as the event unfolded Saturday afternoon. A number of dancers under the direction of Artistic Director Michele Plescia were in full costume, willingly posing for photographs with passers-by who peered through the glass.

“When we relocated to this space last July, the display windows were a drawing point,” Plescia said.

“We tried this during a downtown Christmas event at Theatre Bristol and it worked well, so now that we have our own spot downtown, we wanted to be a part of this weekend and be a part of the movement for the arts downtown. What better way to advertise and better way to show our expressive talent to the world.”

The event concludes today with special operating hours from a number of photo and paint art galleries along State Street and the Art Swap based at the Downtown Center where fellow artists can exchange sup-plies, their works or ideas to continue creativity. That event runs from 1 to 4 p.m.

Posted: Saturday, June 15, 2013 9:41 pm | Updated: 10:02 pm, Sat Jun 15, 2013.

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