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Steven Mullins — Winner of the State of the Arts Power Hour Competition

June 17, 2013

For the Artist's Power Hour art competition during State of the Arts Weekend 2013, artists were given one hour to create an original work of art from scratch in front of a live audience — the artist with the most tips at the end of that hour would then be declared the winner. This year's winner — with $160.60 in tips — was Steven Mullins, a miltiary veteran and resident of Bristol, TN.

Steven painted a mountain landscape in oils and was obviously a crowd favorite! His restful piece is full of vibrant color and reveals a real love of nature. Steven has been painting since 1974, and he took art classes from Ted Blevins and Fred Morgan at Virginia Intermont College. His preferred artistic medium is oil on canvas, and his favorite artist is Thomas Kinkade, a painter of idyllic and idealistic scenes. Steven's love of art comes from the way it frees the spirit and the inner peace it brings to both the artist and the viewer. He notes that his art is inspired by his faith in Jesus Christ.

Steven says that winning the competition was a wonderful experience, and he is already at work on new landscape paintings!

Steven's winning painting is on display at One of a Kind Gallery on State Street through mid-August 2013.