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Strike a pose at an official Bristol Selfie Spot

July 31, 2018

Bristol is full of iconic photo op locations. To help everyone snap the perfect self-portrait at some of these landmarks, the City of Bristol, Tennessee has installed a number of official Bristol Selfie Spots. These spots are in the form of sidewalk stickers that provide a convenient guide for proper foot placement to help achieve the optimum selfie angle.

The Selfie Spots can be found near popular locations such as the Bristol Chamber of Commerce guitar, Bristol Motor Speedway, and of course the historic Bristol sign. Other spots can be found at one of Bristol’s most photographed nighttime spots (Hint: It’s a street in the downtown area, but not one that cars typically travel on; you can “bank” on that) and even a mobile Selfie Spot that may move around to different parks and special events all over Bristol.

“Whether someone is visiting Bristol from the other side of the world or they’ve lived here all their life, it’s only natural to want to capture their experience here and share it with friends and family,” said Jon Luttrell, Public Relations Specialist for the City of Bristol, Tennessee. “The Selfie Spots are a tool we’re happy to offer to help turn those Bristol memories into images that will last a lifetime.”

After capturing the moment and, of course, applying the perfect filter, visitors and residents alike are encouraged to share their images on Instagram or any of their favorite social media platforms with #agoodplacetoselfie. Particularly stellar selfies may even be featured on the city’s official Instagram account @cityofbristoltn.

For more information, contact Jon Luttrell, Public Relations Specialist, at 423-764-4171 or email jluttrell@bristoltn.org.