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Believe in Bristol Announces Solar Power Presentation for Downtown Business and Building Owners

June 10, 2015

Bristol, TN/VA – Believe in Bristol is hosting an event on June 23rd, 2015 at 5:30pm to present the facts and concepts of solar power today to downtown business and building owners.

The presenters will be Nick Safay of Bristol, Tennessee-based Ecological Energy Systems (EES) solar installers and designers, and Jennifer Buchanan, First Tennessee’s experienced solar financier.

The goal of the gathering is to explain the costs associated with solar, return on investment, and expiring economic incentives.

A specific downtown building will be overviewed and a modern solar installation for the building will be priced and explained, including a clear date when the investment is expected to become profitable.

An update on the Sessions Hotel’s exploration of solar energy as an option is also planned.

If you have ever seen downtown from the top of Executive Plaza – now Hotel Bristol – you will see the acres of rooftops just baking in the sun. Many communities (especially in the Southwest) have collaborated on large scale solar projects in order to reduce costs for the participants and shorten the time to profitability. This is the core concept behind Community Solar projects: to demand the best possible price per kilowatt through wholesale purchasing and mass installation.

Both BVU and BTES are on the TVA system, which is at the ready for solar energy in both cities.

EES has hands-on experience installing large scale solar systems in and around Bristol, including Holston View Elementary School and the Bristol, Tennessee Landfill 200 kw system.

The cost of electricity is projected to continue to rise. The cost of solar panel technology is projected to continue to fall, currently at its lowest cost/watt in history.

For more information, contact Ben Collins of Believe in Bristol at (423) 217-9063 or info@believeinbristol.org. To learn more about the presenters, visit firsttennessee.com and yourecoenergy.com.