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Bristol and Startup Tri-Cities team up to bring Austin startup scene to the region

April 06, 2018

The Cities of Bristol and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce have teamed up with Startup Tri-Cities, a local entrepreneur organization, to bring a piece of the vibrant Austin, Texas startup community to our region. The festival is a collaboration between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the many supporting organizations that bring innovation and growth to our region.

Free community events will take place May 3rd – 5th across the Tri-Cities and will be focused on helping new businesses get started, helping existing ones grow, and connecting the region together in a celebration of the successes of our local entrepreneurs.

The festival provides our region with the opportunity to highlight the excellent programs and services already available to local entrepreneurs, and provides valuable exposure for our local subject matter experts.

As our various associations, government departments, and local experts come together during National Entrepreneurship week, we celebrate the roles we all play in our small business community year-round. We are excited to be one of the many cities hosting the national movement that is Small Business Festival.

When local entrepreneurs get together and openly share their experiences, challenges, and successes amazing things happen economically for the region’s growth and development. Bristol and Startup Tri-Cities invite everyone with an interest or experience in entrepreneurship to join them at the Small Business Festival. Learn more at startupTri.com.