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Street Closures for Real Women Pick Pink Event

October 20, 2012

This is the traffic management plan for the October 20, 2012, Real Women Pick Pink concert event in downtown Bristol as part of the larger events to recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This event features a closure of State Street and selected, limited “side” streets downtown to accommodate concerts with multiple artists on stage in the 400 block of State Street, at the Downtown Center, and at various indoor venues in between. This is an event for which attendees will be charged admission and will also include various health screening booths/vehicles, bloodmobiles, and the like.

To accommodate the Farmer’s Market activities at the Downtown Center that morning, the closures will be installed in two stages, as detailed below.

a. Stage I: Static street closure downtown in both Bristols between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and 8th Street/Carter Street starting at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 20 until the end of the event later this day. This closure is installed by both the Tennessee and Virginia sign crews.

b. Stage II: Expansion of the static street closure on State Street westward to Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Avenue at or near noon on Saturday, October 20, until the end of the event. This closure is installed by the Tennessee Parks and Recreation staff following the end of the Farmer’s Market, using materials previously staged by both the Tennessee and Virginia sign crews.

Chronology of Events
Friday, October 19, 2012:
1. During the day: Both the Tennessee and Virginia sign crews stage the materials for the Stage I and Stage II closures. Cones may be left on the trucks and not staged in the field until the following morning.

Saturday, October 20, 2012:
1. Before 5:30 a.m.: Both Police Departments will hang the NO PARKING signs on hangers along both sides of State Street between Carter Family Way/8th Street and Volunteer Parkway/ Commonwealth Avenue. Monitoring of parking activities in this block will be required by both Police Departments until this block is closed later in the day.

2. 5:30 a.m.: Both sign crews install the Stage I closures shown on the two Stage I diagrams (Virginia Diagram 1 and Tennessee Diagram 1). This includes the Tennessee sign crew blocking the on-street parking spaces on both sides of State Street between Carter Family Way/8th Street and Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Avenue with Tennessee cones.

The two sign crews must ensure that the  DETOUR sign on the set of four Type III barricades blocking State Street at 8th Street/Carter Family Way is covered with dark plastic or a similar material, but that the sign is not removed from the barricade. While these barricades are at 8th Street/Carter Family Way, a displayed DETOUR left sign would direct motorists to go north on Carter Family Way, which is the wrong way on this southbound one-way street. The sign will be displayed later on this day at a different location when the barricades are moved.

After all the Stage I the streets are closed, the Tennessee sign crew will remove both of the in-street midblock pedestrian crossing signs in the 500 and 600 blocks of State Street, leaving a flush pavement surface.

The Tennessee Parks and Recreation staff will operate the Farmer’s Market as per the usual schedule and techniques.

3. Approximately noon: When the Farmer’s Market closes for the day, or as circumstances indicate as appropriate, the Tennessee Parks and Recreation crew will close the gates of the Downtown Center and direct vehicles already on the Downtown Center lot over the concrete sidewalk to the east of the Downtown Center building and thus to exit via either

8th Street or Shelby Street. The Parks and Recreation crew will install the Stage II closures between 8th Street/Carter Family Way and Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Avenue in the following manner, as illustrated on Tennessee Diagram 2:

a. Close the Volunteer Parkway northbound right-turn lane, Commonwealth Avenue southbound left-turn lane, and West State Street eastbound through lane as per standard closure techniques.

b. Close Carter Family Way with the Type III barricades provided just south of the driveway entrance to the parking lot on the east side of the street.

c. Move the four Type III barricades blocking State Street from their position at 8th Street/Carter Family Way to the position at Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Avenue as shown on the Stage II diagram. It is imperative that the  DETOUR sign on the Type III barricades is now displayed to direct motorists to turn left from eastbound State Street to northbound Commonwealth Avenue.

d. Close 8th Street and Ralph Peer Street with the Type III barricades provided, as well as the adjacent driveways with cones (at the bank drive-in entrance on State Street) or the Type I barricades provided (for all other driveways in this block). The private driveway gate just east of the KSS building must be closed. The walkable areas east and west of the Downtown Center building and the archway are blocked with the Type I barricades provided.

e. After the Stage II closures are installed, the Tennessee Parks and Recreation crew will remove the cones used to block the on-street parking spaces in the 800 block of State Street and remove the NO PARKING signs on hangers on both sides of State Street. These signs are to be returned to the traffic engineer, who will return them to the respective Police Departments the following week. Or, the two respective Police Departments can remove these signs themselves.

Please note that the conversion from the Stage I configuration to the Stage II configuration also includes the removal of four traffic signs on sign stands that no longer serve any purpose under the Stage II configuration. The Parks and Recreation crew will remove these four signs and ensure that they are returned to either the Tennessee sign crew or directly to the City Garage.

4. About 10:00 p.m. or as otherwise arranged: Clean-up by municipal crews can begin at or shortly before 10:00 p.m., as events at the different stages do not all end at the same time. This will also allow for some lead time in removing the stages, beer gardens, and health booths throughout the area. Port-a-lets, if placed in the public right-of-way, must be removed as soon as the event ends. All concert supporting vehicles parked in the closed lane of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard must be removed promptly or they will be towed.

5. All streets are re-opened at midnight or when clean-up activities are complete.

6. As soon as these clean-up activities are complete, the Tennessee sign crew will re-install the two midblock in-street pedestrian signs in the 500 and 600 blocks of State Street, ensuring that the sides with the STATE LAW legend are visible only to westbound (Virginia-side) motorists.

7. Both sides return materials to respective City garages as appropriate.

Monday, October 22, 2012
1. Traffic control material removal completed in both Bristols.

Interface With Real Women Pick Pink Concert Functions
The following points are very important for the proper functioning of traffic and maintenance of public safety during this event:

1. No stages or other equipment will be installed in roadways until those roadways are closed by City staff in conformance with the standards outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). No persons other than City staff members are authorized to set up vehicle traffic control devices or block roadways with their equipment, supplies, or vehicles. At the end of the event, all equipment (i.e., stages, chairs, port-a-lets, etc.) will be removed promptly to allow the roadways to be cleaned and/or re-opened to traffic as appropriate.

2. Any pedestrian barriers, ticket-taker booths, or other event appurtenances that cross roadways and the closure area boundaries will be installed behind the Type III barricades so that the barricades’ retroreflective surfaces remain visible to the motoring public.

3. A space of 10 feet on each side of all fire hydrants will remain open, clear, and unblocked so that fire safety can be maintained . A fire lane at least 12 feet wide must be maintained down the length of State Street and 6th Street inside the closure area (it can zigzag as long as it is traversable by large fire trucks), except for the stage structures. The entire closure area must be so traversable.

4. One lane of traffic for fire access purposes will be maintained along 7th Street (western lane), 5th Street (eastern lane), Carter Family Way (eastern lane), Stoneman Family Drive (western lane), and Lee Street (eastern lane) in or adjacent to the closure area, except for traffic control devices and crowds. Fire department personnel for both Bristols must have access to internal feature layout diagrams prior to the event to examine those documents and ensure that appropriate fire access is maintained.

5. Any overhead banners must be installed after the street is closed and removed before the street is reopened. All such banners must have a minimum of 15 feet of overhead clearance at their lowest point for fire equipment access.

6. All vendors, stage equipment carriers, etc. will enter the closure area on State Street at the Commonwealth Avenue/Volunteer Parkway end. All such vendors and carriers will depart the closure are via Lee Street. This preserves the integrity of the closure area by not having barricades moved at multiple locations.

8. It will be illegal to park in the following areas adjacent to, but outside of, the closure areas: 8th Street north of Shelby Street; 7th Street north of Shelby Street, Carter Family Way, Moore Street south of Winston Alley, and Lee Street south of Winston Alley. Temporary no-parking signage will be installed to so indicate this status.

9. Port-a-lets will be installed by the event organizers as appropriate. Any such units on a public street, sidewalk, or parking lot will be removed promptly at the end of the festival to allow for surface cleaning.

Following are an overall diagram of the Real Women Pick Pink static closures; three pages containing three diagrams of street closure traffic control; and a three-page list of traffic control devices, by stage.