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Street Closures-25th Annual Food City Family Race Night/Transporter Motorcade

August 23, 2012

As part of the scheduled events for the August 23, 2012, 25th Annual Food City Race Night, it is necessary to close the following streets. The duration of the closure is from approximately 5:30 AM on August 23 until approximately midnight on August 23. The cities of Bristol VA/TN are named as co-sponsors of this event. All proceeds to benefit

State Street
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Commonwealth Avenue
Lee Street
State Street to the entrance to Winston Alley parking lot
Moore Street
State Street to the drive-through to Wachovia Bank
Piedmont Avenue
State Street to Goode Street
Stoneman Family Drive
State Street to Goode Street
Carter Family Way
State Street to Goode Street
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (Transporter parking)
One southbound lane from the entrance to the Sheriff’s Department parking lot to Cumberland Street.
One southbound lane from Cumberland Street to State Street
One northbound lane from State Street to Scott Street
Cumberland Street (Transporter overflow)
One eastbound lane from 155’ west of Moore Street to Moore Street.
One eastbound lane from Moore Street to Lee Street
One eastbound lane from Lee Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

Additionally, some of the planned activities will require the use of Municipal Parking Lot located at the corner of State Street and Stoneman Family Drive. Some patrons using this lot and some parking will be displaced, on that day. There are also reserved parking spaces in this lot that must remain open. Ingress and egress will be maintained via Carter Family Way. In the past, the Municipal Parking lot located on Goode Street has been used to accommodate library patrons during this one-day event. I will contact the Bristol Public Library and advise them if Council approves the request.

Pedestrian and/or motor vehicle access to all businesses, dwellings, drive up windows for banks and parking lots (except as noted) will be maintained at all times during this event. This year as in past years, emergency personnel and emergency vehicle access will be stationed throughout the event area.

At the conclusion of the event, the Bristol Virginia Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments along with Bristol Tennessee personnel will clean up the entire area.
Further, for the past several years, Bristol Motor Speedway has sponsored a motorcade for race transporters commencing at the Bristol Mall and running to Bristol Motor Speedway. At this time details are being worked out, but it is anticipated that the schedule of the transporter motorcade will be the same as in past years. The Sprint Cup Motorcade and fireworks will begin on August 23 at 9:00 p.m. signifying the end of Food City Family Race Night. The Motorcade route is as follows:

The transporter Motorcade will form in the Bristol Mall parking lot and travel south on the Gate City Highway to east on Euclid Avenue, to south on Commonwealth Avenue, to State Street and into Bristol, Tennessee.

While no roadways will be closed with barricades, the motorcade effectively functions as a rolling roadblock, utilizing both lanes of the roadway to prevent vehicles from passing or entering the procession. Typically, the transporter motorcade is given the right-of-way at intersections by Police Officers working at those locations; the motorcade surrenders the right-of-way to emergency vehicles, trains, etc.

As with all such events that occur in both Virginia and Tennessee, the details of traffic control, fireworks launch site(s) security, etc. will be coordinated between the two cities, Food City and Bristol Motor Speedway.

This year Bristol Mall also has plans to stage a fireworks display at the beginning of the Transporter Motorcade with a second display at Gene Malcolm Stadium on Euclid Avenue.