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Bristol TN Drinking Water Week: What Do You Know About H2O?

May 04, 2015

The city is kicking off the national Drinking Water Week today by asking the question, “What do you know about H2O?”

Throughout the week Bristol will celebrate the value of water by learning about the role it plays in our daily lives and in the quality of life we enjoy because of it. Aligning with the year’s theme, special attention will be given to the way in which all water consumers can get to know their water. “In the spring every city water consumer will receive a copy of a Consumer Confidence Report. This report goes into great details about where our water comes from, the purification process, etc. Make sure you take a moment when the report arrives in your mailbox to review its content,” said David St. John, Utility Services Manager.

The city participates in a sanitary survey conducted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation Division of Water Supply each year. The review is very comprehensive and includes an on-site inspection of the water plant, treatment operations, records, distribution, tanks, pumps the raw water intake and sampling along the distribution system.

A water system must have a minimum score of 90 in order to be recognized as an approved system. Bristol’s score of 99 places the city among the highest rated water systems in the state of Tennessee. The highest score that may be obtained is 100. Bristol Tennessee’s water system also supplies five utility districts in the area: Bristol/Bluff City, Intermont, Holston, South Bristol/Weaver Pike and Blountville.

“We have a very proficient staff that is diligent in the everyday operations as well as the monitoring of the treatment and distribution systems,” said Bill Sorah, City Manager.

If you don’t receive a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report in the next few weeks, go to www.bristoltn.org.