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Artists for Friends of 1927!

January 25, 2012

From now through May, local musicians are getting on board by using their gigs as mini-fundraisers for Friends of 1927. The inaugural Artists for Friends of 1927 fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, January 25th at 8:30pm for Annie Robinette at 620 State. A second will take place on Saturday, January 28th at 8:00pm at Machiavelli’s for These Undowners. Special guests Josh Oliver (the everybodyfields/Jill Andrews) and Cruz Contreras (The Black Lillies) will also perform that evening. A third fundraiser will be held March 31st at Machiavelli’s for Bentley, Jared & Vanessa Bentley’s newly formed group. More dates with other area artists are in the works.

The Birthplace of Country Music Alliance grassroots fundraising campaign, Friends of 1927, is simple. It’s 1,927 people giving $520 to raise $1 million to begin final construction on The Birthplace of Country Music Cultural Heritage Center. With less than $1 million of the $10.57 million project left to raise, the Friends of 1927 are key to achieving that goal.

“When you have the support of a large number of people from the community, it speaks volumes to legislators and grant holders,” says Birthplace of Country Music Alliance Board President John Rainero. “We’re asking a large number of people to support us with fewer dollars to show everyone this is a project our community really wants.”

“We have a large number of talented artists in our region who have expressed their support verbally, but are unable to commit financially,” says BCMA Director of Marketing Charlene Baker. “The support of our music community is essential, and our local musicians deserve the honor of having their names in the halls of the new Cultural Heritage Center as a founding Friend of 1927. We want to do everything we can to help them achieve that.”

The plan is simple. Artists use gigs they already have booked to help them raise $520 to become Friends of 1927. The BCMA helps get people out to the show by promoting the gig as a BCMA event. What if the artist doesn't raise the entire $520 in one night? Anyone who makes a pledge is given the opportunity to pay in up to four installments.

“We want to get as many fans out to those shows as possible,” says Baker. “At the end of the night we want the artists to not only have raised the money they need to become a Friend of 1927, but to also walk away with cash in their pocket. It's also a loving gift from the fans who want to see their names in the new Cultural Heritage Center.”