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BCM Enters the Blogosphere

December 10, 2012

From outer space to cyber space, Birthplace of Country Music is taking its Smithsonian affiliation — and its brand — to astronomically creative heights. In January the BCM catapults into the blogosphere, chronicling a new frontier of goings-on and behind-the-scenes progress being made by the organization working to complete Bristol's Birthplace of Country Music Museum. The new blog will launch with the New Year, appearing weekly on Fridays starting January 4, 2013 on the BCM's website, www.BirthplaceOfCountryMusic.org. Sarah Tollie, former Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion intern and new BCM employee, has been on the ground floor of development for the Museum for the past several months. Tollie will serve as the blog's voice, chronicling her experiences every step of the way.

"We are in the midst of so many exciting things and much planning," says Birthplace of Country Music Exective Director Leah Ross, "we have reached a point where things are moving so quickly that a blog seemed to be the most comprehensive way of reporting those activities to the public. The details of this activity is really fascinating. It's an interesting story to share."

Sarah Tollie is a native of Bristol, Virginia, who found her first real calling as a music writer and editor while interning with Bristol Rhythm and Roots as an undergraduate English – Creative Writing major at Virginia Intermont College. Bitten by the Bristol Rhythm, she continued to write for and volunteer with the organization throughout her undergraduate and graduate careers. She moved back to Bristol earlier this year after completing her graduate coursework in mass communication at Middle Tennessee State University. Now, Sarah and a local team of scholars are writing a new chapter: The Birthplace of Country Music® Museum, opening in August 2014. Join Sarah on this journey—one blog post at a time.

"Since early this summer, I have been part of the team assigned the task of writing and editing the story that will be told inside the Birthplace of Country Music Museum," says Tollie. "It's been an exciting journey, and one that readers will find engaging and entertaining. Each element is really coming together at this time. It's a story that deserves to be documented and preserved."