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Be a Believer and Support Believe in Bristol's Annual Campaign!

January 09, 2013

When you look down State Street and see the unique Bristol Sign all lit up, trees and flowers in bloom, the hustle of patrons browsing from shop to shop and those dining at local restaurants, it is easy to forget that it has taken a lot of time and energy to produce the kind of charm found in Historic Downtown Bristol. We have such a treasure right here in Northeast Tennessee /Southwest Virginia and within the past several years, Believe in Bristol is winning back the hearts of those in our community as well as visitors from all over the world by recruiting and sustaining businesses, preserving and highlighting our historical roots, hosting concerts of both small and big name bands, and much more! With such variety and one of-a-kind-venues, it is no wonder that so many people find themselves shopping, dining, playing, living and working in this energetic environment. As a new mom, I am excited about raising my children in a community that is eager to be creative and innovative as we go after those seemingly impossible projects. I am also extremely proud to be part of an organization that is not fearful of dreaming big! The double lines of our State Street certainly divide two states, but we work hard to keep “One State of Mind”.

As we begin our 7th year as a National Main Street organization, it is with a great deal of gratitude to our beloved community, precious volunteers, diligent city leaders, and the city governments of both Bristol, TN and VA that we move forward. Now, more than ever, it is so important for us to continue rebuilding and believing in our wonderful downtown. As America strives forward and US citizens across the country take efforts in rebuilding our great land, it is vital that our community keep our money here and continue this great vision happening in Historic Downtown Bristol. That means you, my dear friend, are being called into action – support revitalization, support development, support community promotions, support our heritage – and asked to choose to be a BELIEVER by investing your money in Believe In Bristol. I want to challenge you to fill out the enclosed envelope and financially support our organization with however much you can give. We would also like to extend the opportunity for you to get to know downtown and our organization better by volunteering at one of our many downtown events. We ask with grateful hearts and with an eagerness to see Bristol reach beyond its potential. Talk the talk, walk the walk – become a BELIEVER in Bristol today!

Bethany Wilson