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Beaver Creek Flood Reduction Project Groundbreaking

February 06, 2012

In 2001, the City of Bristol, Tenn., entered into an agreement with the Department of Army on behalf of itself and Bristol, Va., to conduct a feasibility study for flood reduction on Beaver Creek. The resulting detailed project report and environmental assessment was completed in 2004 delineating project options and establishing a best course of action based on a cost-benefit basis and related criteria necessary for the federal government to cost-share in the project.
The resulting plan identified four flood reduction elements to be undertaken, including, removal of the Sears building and channel improvements downtown, modifications to the dam in Sugar Hollow Park, channel widening near 6th Street Extension, and channel improvements and removal of bridges at 8th Street.
Phase one of the project consists of channel improvements at the former Sears building site. The improvements include the removal of the existing box culvert in Beaver Creek, sloping of the creek banks, creation of a plaza area, installation of a permanent parking area, landscaping and lighting. The project will create a new public space to complement the existing vibrant downtown areas and further the renaissance of State Street and the community.
The project was designed and construction is being managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District. The construction contract was awarded to Aspen Construction from Hackensack, Minn. Work on the project is anticipated to commence the first part of February 2012 and be completed by the end of the year.
“The Corps of Engineers knows that this flood risk reduction project is so important to the region,” said Lt. Col. James A. DeLapp, Nashville District commander. “We are ready to move forward with phase one in partnership with the cities of Bristol.”