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Beer Tasting — Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and Two Anniversary Releases at Inari Wines!

October 17, 2011

October 21, 2011 — Friday 4:00pm until 7:00pm (or until it's gone) — $5 per person — Presented by Stan Barringer / Inari Wines. Sierra Nevada is one of America’s premier craft breweries. Founded in 1979 as a producer of top-quality ales and lagers, the California brewery has expanded its range to include some very creative specialty beers, including those featured in this tasting. Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp program allows visitors to the brewery to participate in the process of creating and producing beer. Visitors can actually invent new styles of beer and work with brewery staff to make them on the spot. Prior to this year’s Best of Beer Camp Variety Pack, none of these unique beers were available in a bottled format.

Juniper Black
This dark russet-colored beer has an intricate aroma of roasted malt and fruity esters, with a touch of resinous pine note from the use of juniper berries. The flavor is deep and complex with an upfront sweetness and flavors of dark baking chocolate, which give way to a dry finish from a mixture of hops, and a mild touch of juniper. Juniper Black Ale is very drinkable and perfect for a cold winter night.

During a recent visit to Germany, our brewers had the good fortune to meet with the hefeweizen masters at the Brauerei Fritz Gutmann. Last fall the Gutmann brewers returned the visit, and while they were here, brewed up an exceptional Weizenbock beer. This Weizenbock is a strong hefeweizen with pronounced banana and clove aromas with layers of complex malt flavor.

Double IPA
This classic West Coast India Pale Ale is loaded with pronounced citrus and grapefruit hop notes with a hint of sweet malt. The assertive hop character comes from generous amounts of “new school” aromatic hops used during dry hopping.

California Common
Our take on California’s native style. It is a unique hybrid brew with complex aromas from the use of a specialized ale yeast, combined with the smooth and clean flavors of a refined lager.

Charlie, Fred, & Ken's Bock
Created in honor of Charlie Papazian and Fred Eckhardt, pioneers of the home brewing movement. Charlie and Fred worked with Sierra Nevada to produce this “Imperial Helles Bock,” which is a helles lager brewed to Bock strength while remaining lighter and hoppier than the traditional Bock style. This Bock is a balance of toasted malts, rich sweetness, and light, aromatic hops.

Jack & Ken's Ale
Jack McAuliffe, an early American micro-brewer, created this black barleywine ale with Sierra Nevada. This is an English-style strong ale brewed to 10.2% ABV. High alcohol levels are characteristic of barleywine ales and are in fact the reason for their unusual name – they are brewed from grain (barley) rather than fruit (wine), but they approach the alcohol levels of wine. This one is a deep russet ale loaded with roasted malts and American hops.