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Believe in Bristol IdeaSpace: Mobile Marketing for Today's Business Workshop

December 10, 2012

The Believe in Bristol IdeaSpace presents “Mobile Marketing for Today’s Business,” a workshop presented by Sandy Ratliff, Virginia Department of Business Assistance, at 6pm on Thursday, December 13, 2012. Small and local businesses use every tool available to grow their leads and increase business….except the one in their purse or pocket…the cell phone! The one device that people have with them everywhere can be an advantage in reaching new customers. 84% of mobile phone users use their devices to look for information about local businesses and organizations. Today’s consumers use mobile search in almost every area of their lives. Many of them use their mobile phones to find information on prices as well, even if they plan to make the actual purchase offline at your store. The challenge for area small businesses is to make sure that their online marketing efforts are “mobile friendly”. Come join us for this course and discover the different means of connecting with a prospect through a smart phone, learn how to integrate mobile marketing into your current web site, and develop a mobile marketing strategy and executive plan. **Workshop held at Believe in Bristol office, 36 Moore Street, Bristol, VA. **Remember all events during this LAUNCH week are FREE, and there will be a drawing for a free Amazon Kindle on Thursday night!