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Bristol Chamber of Commerce Welcomes University of Tennessee Athletic Director, Dave Hart

June 25, 2012

The Bristol Chamber of Commerce will welcome Dave Hart, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics for the University of Tennessee, at a motivational breakfast to benefit the Bristol Youth Leadership program on June 28. The event will be held at 8 a.m. the King College Dining Hall.
Comprehensive athletic success exemplified Hart's tenure as the Florida State athletic director, as a combined 35 ACC Championships were won by 10 different Seminole athletic programs during his tenure. Additionally, the Seminole football team won nine ACC titles and appeared in four national championship games, winning the 1999 BCS National Championship with a Sugar Bowl victory over Virginia Tech. Additionally, during Hart's three years at Alabama, the Crimson Tide claimed the 2009 BCS National Championship and the individual athletic teams posted a combined eight top three finishes nationally over the last three years.Call or email today to reserve your tickets. (423) 989-4859 or Cgammon@bristolchamber.org.