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Bristol, TN Unveils "City Voice" Newsletter

September 23, 2013

The City of Bristol Tennessee will unveil its newest communication tool on Thursday, September 26, 2013. This is the first ever e-Newsletter fittingly titled, City Voice. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, just go to the city’s website at www.bristoltn.org or to the city’s Facebook page where there is a tab to subscribe. It is easy to unsubscribe via the footer in every e-mail. The newsletter may be viewed through most smart phone devices.

City Voice will cover events and activities of the city, city services, updates on Council meetings, contact information for the city, dates and places of meetings, etc. There will be unique content found only in the newsletter along with review of events such as press conferences, etc. that one may not have seen or heard about through other news sources.

“City staff is very interested in finding out what the community would like to see in the monthly newsletter. We are asking the community to go to the City’s Comment Line and give us feedback or make suggestions. The newsletter will be very visual and have a complete story linked for those who want more information on a particular subject, beyond the leads posted on the front page,” said Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations for the city. “The newsletter was originally going to be a quarterly piece, but after some consideration we realized that good communication needs to be fresh, so it was decided to go with a monthly version.”

Readers are being asked to share the newsletter with colleagues and friends. For more information on the newsletter please contact Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations at 423-764-4171 or tsmith-talbert@bristoltn.org.