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Bristol Virginia City Council: City Unveils New Website

November 12, 2012

Posted: Monday, November 12, 2012 11:56 pm, Bristol Herald Courier
BRISTOL, Va. — The city is sprucing up its destination on the information superhighway. A group of city employees spent much of the past year developing a new city website, which is set to be unveiled during tonight’s City Council meeting. The new interface is designed to offer more information for both residents and anyone interested in the city, officials said.

“This new design was created specifically for our online audience of both Bristol, Va., citizens and general visitors,” City Manager Dewey Cashwell said in a statement. “The new website will help make Bristol Virginia’s extensive resources more attractive and accessible to a wide audience of all ages and backgrounds.”

The new design is expected to include more information, more accessibility to government services and better communication with departments, according to the statement.

“Although we have been working on the site for quite some time, we look at this unveiling as the start of our journey, not the end,” according to Bart Poe, the city’s senior administrator for office and graphics. “The ability of this web design to grow and evolve into one of the great resources of our city has always been this team’s vision.”http://www.bristolva.org