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BVU Leads with 1 Gig Service

January 28, 2013

BVU Authority expresses full support of FCC Chairman Genachowski’s challenge and encouragement that every state should have at least one Internet Service Provider offering 1 Gig service by 2015. Chairman Genachowski’s challenge, dubbed the “Gigabit City Challenge” was issued on January 18. He noted that 42 communities in 14 states have already achieved this important goal. “It is important to have a critical mass of gigabit communities nationwide so that innovators can develop next-generation applications and services that will drive economic growth and global competitiveness,” explained Genachowski.

Faith Esposito, who chairs the BVU Authority board of directors, stated “We at BVU are very proud of the fact that we have already met chairman Genachowski’s challenge and have offered 1 Gigabit service since 2002. Our world class, all-fiber network is designed and built with the ability to provide our customers, and the Southwest Virginia community, with broadband services that spur economic development and enhance quality of life for all. In fact, many hundreds of jobs have been created due to the availability of our leading edge robust broadband offerings.”

Fellow board member and mayor of the City of Bristol Virginia, Jim Steele, echoed chairwoman Esposito’s remarks and added “The BVU fiber network has been a wonderful tool in helping to attract and retain businesses for our community, the network’s reliability and affordability gives our community a competitive edge in terms of economic development.”

BVU President and CEO, Wes Rosenbalm, commented that he would also like to thank community leaders for their continued support of local broadband integration. “We are pleased to have been a long-time community partner throughout Southwest Virginia,” said Rosenbalm. “We are extremely proud of being listed among the 42 communities in the United States who already offer 1 Gigabit service. Only through the foresight and hard work of our community leaders, board of directors, senior management and staff have we been able to achieve this important milestone for the communities of Southwest Virginia long before many others realized the need and benefit.”