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City of Bristol, TN seeks community feedback on new website

July 20, 2015

Bristol, Tennessee’s new website was introduced in July 2014. During this time city staff has been trained on all the new tools the website has to offer and how to utilize those tools to keep our community updated on changes, services, and schedules as well as other particulars. “During the past year we have found a few glitches that needed to be adjusted. Even from the initial launch, staff discovered elements of the site that could be improved on,” said Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations. “Currently we are making 300 changes on average per month. That is extraordinary in municipal government.”

On this one year anniversary the city is asking the community for some feedback on what is good about the site, what could be improved on, what may need to be added to make citizens everyday life a little easier. A new survey has been posted on the city’s site that will assist the city in making the site even better. The survey contains 11 questions and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous.

Click here to complete the survey.

If you have been on the city’s website during the past year you may have noticed new content, better navigation, more photos and videos and a whole new look and feel. “We have been really pleased with the result and hope the community has been as well. We will be adding more content in the coming months and have goals of continually growing the site,” said Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations. “In a few months we hope to give the community the ability to pay utility bills online, reserve park shelters, and lots of other new and exciting things.”

The city website should be a destination site for citizens where anyone can get the latest information on happenings in the city, find the 411 on events and services, or something as simple as finding out where an office or city official can be found or contacted.

For more information on the website or the website survey contact Shanon Stamey, Webmaster, at 423-989-5500 Ext. 2028 or email sstamey@bristoltn.org.