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City of Bristol TN Updating Comprehensive Park, Recreation & Greenways Plan

January 06, 2014

The City of Bristol Tennessee has begun the process of updating the Comprehensive Park, Recreation & Greenways Plan. This plan marks an exciting milestone for the City of Bristol in the evolution of its park system. The purpose of this long range plan is to properly meet the park and recreation needs of the citizens of Bristol for the future as well as the present. To participant in the survey please go to http://www.svy.mk/1dRngY4, the survey should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete. The City of Bristol will advance the community’s vision of the park system by:
• Documenting the existing system and the planning process;
• Identifying future park and facility needs as Bristol grows and evolves;
• Providing recommendations for each existing park and facility;
• Discussing approaches to operating and sustaining the system;
• Providing criteria to prioritize recommendations and projects in the coming years; and
• Presenting an implementation plan.

This plan will serve as:
• A guide to the orderly development of existing areas;
• A guide to the selection and development of new areas and facilities to meet existing and future needs;
• A guide for a comprehensive program to serve all ages and interests; all hours of the day and all seasons of the year;
• A guide to assure the maximum functional use of each recreational facility;
• A practical plan for immediate and long range action with respect to programs, park areas, open space, facilities and finances;
• A tool to justify the financing and development of programs and facilities through local budgets and various grant opportunities and assure the maximum benefit for each dollar spent; and
• A tool to avoid duplication and overlap of services and facilities.

This joint effort of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and Community Development Department will utilize information gained from site assessments, application of recreational industry standards and most importantly information gained from a community survey.
“This plan will help us be certain that we are building and operating parks and programs that will efficiently meet the needs of the community. I am anxious to receive the survey data and learn what the citizens of Bristol both value and desire of our park system” says Parks and Recreation Department Director, Terry Napier.

“We are pleased to work with the Parks and Recreation Department to deliver a plan that will guide placement of recreational facilities and programs throughout the city. This plan will also enable the city to better compete for grant funds in the future” says Community Development Department Director, Shari Brown.

One may find the survey on the city’s Facebook Page (City of Bristol TN), a link on the city’s Twitter (City of Bristol TN) account or on the Parks and Recreation pages within the city website (www.bristoltn.org).