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Coltsfoot Winery Tasting @ Inari Wines on Saturday!

September 12, 2011

Here's a treat for all you wine lovers out there attending Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion -Coltsfoot Winery will be set up at Inari Wineson Saturday from 2:00 pm until 7:00pm (or until it's gone) cost is $5 per person. Presented by: Edward & Sandra Carney, Coltsfoot Winery Owners and Winemakers

A few years ago while Sandra's father, a home winemaker, was making wine for her son's wedding reception, she and her husband, Edward, become interested in the art of winemaking.

After learning the old-fashioned wine process that her father used, Edward began to read and inquire about more up-to-date methods. What developed was a love of winemaking which is evident in the wines that we make and sell today.

We started experimenting with Country Wines (wines that are not made with grapes,) because we could pick the berries ourselves. We began with elderberry & blackberry, and then started discovering other fruits and berries that made delicious wines.

A friend designed our award winning label before we decided to start a farm winery, so that we could give our wines as gifts. After much encouragement from our family & friends and receiving a Gold Addy and the Judges Choice from the Tri-City Metro Ad Federation in 2006, we planted our bushes, brambles and orchard, began our farm winery licensing process and started turning a portion of our home into the winery.

We felt it important to name our winery something that was meaningful to our family. During that period when we were racking our brains for the "perfect' name, we took a trip to the mountains of West Virginia. On our way home we noticed the Coltsfoot blooms coming through the snow. This was a flower we always looked forward to spotting when traveling with our children in the early spring. Coltsfoot is known as the "first sign of spring”, or "the bloom of a new beginning.” Thus the name...Coltsfoot Winery.

Edward & Sandra Carney and their son, Andrew Carney are the winemakers, but the winery, bushes, brambles, and orchard involves everyone in the family and many close friends.

Blackberry Wine $15.45
Firm, sweet and fragrant, nothing says ‘country’ like a bucket of handpicked blackberries just waiting to be enjoyed. Our Blackberry Wine is tangy, smooth, spicy & robust with a short finish of unexpected tartness from our home grown blackberries.

Blueberry Wine $15.45
Plump, juicy blueberries picked at their peak; you’ll taste your favorite summertime memories with every sip. Our Blueberry Wine is fruity and peppery with a ‘hint’ of clove that is long on blueberry flavor. The low acidity makes for a wonderful, warm, sweet experience.

Cranberry Wine $15.45
Cranberries are packed with a fun, mouth-puckering flavor. Our Cranberry Wine has a crisp cranberry taste, warmed with raisins for a soft finish. We take these perfect little red jewels and craft them into a semi-dry delight that is perfect for chilly fall evenings, warm spring afternoons or any time at all.

Elderberry Wine $15.45
T o sip our Elderberry Wine is to taste the simple pleasures of a bygone era. Our Elderberry Wine has a full-bodied & bold berry taste with a long finish. Robust, complex and with a unique flavor that has been and old-fashioned favorite of generations.

Plum Wine $15.45
There are few fruits that are as delightful to eat as the colorful sweet tasting plum. Our Plum Wine is a light, sweet semi-dry with a refreshingly crisp mellow finish. Now you will enjoy this soft, juicy, delicate fruit in our handcrafted ‘country’ wine that is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Strawberry Wine
The most popular berry in the world is one of our bestselling wines. Our Strawberry Wine is fruity-sweet, zesty and long on aromatic delight. Along with its clean, crisp finish, this wine makes it seem like summer anytime of the year. Savor the sweet juiciness and deep red color in every class.

For more information please contact Inari Wines at (276) 821-WINE (9463).