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December 9 is last day that Bristol Public Library will accept entries for the Children's Library Christmas Tree Parade

December 02, 2013

The last day for entry into the annual Children’s Library Christmas Tree Parade at the Bristol Public Library is December 9, 2013. The trees will be on display in the Children’s Library all of December. Here are the rules:
* Contestants must purchase their own tree and decorations must be based on a children's book.
*If you have a copy of the book, please bring it in and we will make a color photocopy of the cover to display with the tree.
*Trees must measure approximately 2 feet tall or less.
*Remember that all trees must be free-standing and will be viewed 360 degrees. Decorations should be all around the tree for everyone’s enjoyment. Tree skirts and other items can be added around the display.
*Decorations must not require a plug-in for electricity. Battery operated decorations are allowed, but the owner must provide the batteries and the tree must have an on/off switch.
*Ornaments should be attached securely to the branches. Please do not use any item that is personally precious or easily damaged. The library will not be responsible for lost / damaged / stolen items.
*Trees must be picked up to be taken home by January 6, 2013, or they become the property of the Bristol Public Library.
For more information, contact the Bristol Public Library on 276-821-6148.