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Food City Family Race Night to help Abuse Alternatives and Healing Hands Health Center

July 23, 2012

Abuse Alternatives and Healing Hands Health Center have been chosen to receive the proceeds from the upcoming Food City Family Race Night event in downtown Bristol! With this honor also comes a commitment from each organization. Abuse Alternatives and Healing Hands, both have to commit to provide 75 volunteers each (total of 150) to support and work the Food City Family Race Night event. The event will be held on Thursday August 23rd on State Street in downtown Bristol. We hope that you will all check your calendars and consider helping us fill these slots. Volunteers should contact their preferred organization (either Abuse Alternatives or Healing Hands) to volunteer on that organizations behalf.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for volunteer groups – families, churches, school sports teams, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, companies, other non-profits or even challenge co-workers to form a team to volunteer for the event! Both organizations have to have all of their volunteer slots filled by August 3rd, so your immediate consideration is of utter importance! Please do not delay....act now!!!

• If you are not sure you want to participate, please do not sign-up. Also, it is imperative that once you are on your job assignment at race night that you remain there until someone relieves you or until your job is finished. Volunteers that do not show up or leave their assigned positions early create undo hardship on their fellow associates.

• By participating, you will receive a 2012 Food City Family Race Night T-shirt. Please wear this T-shirt so you can easily be recognized at the event. Shirts come in M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL.

• Some job assignments will require you to be at the event site at 8 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, or all day. The shifts available are 8 am — 2 pm, 2 pm — 9 pm, 5 pm — 9 pm, and All Day (8 am — 9 pm).

• Once you have a job assignment, you are to stay on that assigned position until someone relieves you.

• You will be notified later with your job assignment and the time to be at the event.
• If for some reason you are unable to attend, you will be required to return the Food City Racing T-shirt.

If you are willing and available to help us to meet our commitment of 75 volunteers (150 total), please contact one of these organizations the as soon as possible so that we can get your contact information and shirt size. It is of utmost importance that we get 100% commitment for this event.

Abuse Alternatives, Inc. public office at ... 423-652-9093
Healing Hands Health Center at ... 423-652-0051