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Free Bed Bug Training for the community at the Bristol Virginia Public School Board office

August 26, 2013

As you are aware, the infestation of bed bugs has become a major problem in most communities. The public is aware that Bristol has been facing difficult situations when these infestations have occurred. This is a community problem, not just one agency, one business, etc. — we all have to deal with this issue. Therefore, the Bristol Virginia Public School System wants to be proactive in developing a community-wide approach in consistently dealing with bed bugs. We have scheduled a FREE training seminar for Wednesday, September 4, 2013 from 8:30 to noon at the BVPS School Board meeting room and are privileged to host Dr. Dini Miller, an internationally recognized expert on this subject. Please RSVP to Erin Eads if you plan to attend. Her email is eeads@bvps.org or call her at 276-821-5647.

Dr. Dini M. Miller is an Associate Professor at the Virginia Tech University, and the Urban Pest Management Specialist for the state of Virginia. Dr. Miller is an internationally recognized expert in the area of urban pest management, particularly bed bug biology, behavior and control. She has produced a number of bed bug action plans for the management of infestations in different environments, and published one of the first scientific papers evaluating modern bed bug response to insecticide treatments in the field. Dr. Miller’s extension program is designed to train pest management professionals, public health officials, apartment and hotel managers, and homeowners to control indoor pests while reducing their pesticide exposure risk. Likewise, her research program focuses on the evaluation and enhancement of reduced toxicity methods for structural pest control.

Since 2004, Dr. Miller and her graduate students have been spending numerous hours in the field and the laboratory evaluating the efficacy of our current bed bug, cockroach and subterranean termite control tools. Dr. Miller works constantly with the pest management industry, apartment managers, schools, shelters and hotel personnel to understand the challenges that these stakeholders face when dealing with urban pest (particularly bed bug) infestations. Dr. Miller and the Virginia Department of Agriculture recently developed the Bed Bug Forum training for managers of multi-unit housing, and authored 13 nationally recognized fact sheets (English and Spanish) to prepare apartment, hotel, and shelter managers for dealing with bed bug infestations throughout the next decade.

Since so many agencies make home visits, provide services to the public, transport families and children in agency or private cars, please help us get the word out. Please share this important training opportunity with your staff and anyone else you feel needs to attend this event.