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FREE Natural Hormones Bristol Seminar

January 16, 2012

On Thursday, January 19th, 7pm at The Bristol Train Station will be the venue for a free seminar. Men and women who are dealing with (or soon may be) the symptoms of hormone loss, are invited to spend an informative evening with three of the nation’s most respected authorities on hormone replacement therapy. These “hormone heros” will discuss hormone imbalances and the treatment options available to both men and women. Hormone loss effects us all at some point in our lives and is a very hot topic among menopausal women. Men as well can benefit from hormone treatments designed to meet their specific needs. Its a topic that doesn’t get much coverage and we'd like to change that.

Dr. Marden, a highly-skilled gynecologist and surgeon, is a champion for empowering women through innovative medicine. He is an advocate of natural hormones and a pioneer in leading-edge, minimally invasive solutions (he is the regional proctor for da Vinci robotic surgery).

Dr. Rogers is a national speaker for male hormone replacement and well-known Kingsport physician.

Diana Harshbarger is a leading national expert in the field of bio-identical hormone therapy and is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. For more information please contact 423-247-6500.