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Full Moon Jam Tribute Series at the Downtown Center — Rob Caudill: A Rod Stewart Tribute

July 29, 2013

Full Moon Jam is held every Tuesday and Thursday, May through September, from 7pm at the Downtown Center, 810 State Street. This year there will be over 30 bands at no charge — from country and Southern rock to bluegrass and nostalgic music! As part of the Tribute Series, Rob Caudill — A Rod Stewart Tribute will perform live at the Downtown Center on Thursday, August 1 at 7pm. People stop Rob Caudill in airports for autographs. They stare at him in restaurants. And when he struts on stage, people scream themselves hoarse. Why? Caudill is a dead-on Rod Stewart Impersonator. With spiky blonde hair and plethora of stage clothes, this singer has carved out a career recreating Rod Stewart. From kicking out soccer balls and spinning mic stands in his high energy show to belting out all of Rod's greatest hits, it's a must-see show for all ages. From the age of seventeen people always told Rob he looked like Rod Stewart. Rob began his musical career after graduating high school. He then moved to Memphis, TN to study music at Memphis State University and began playing bass for local bands around town. Trick,The Clash and Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few. For further information, contact the Dept of Comm Relations, Downtown Centre, 810 State Street, Bristol TENNESSEE, 423-764-4171, or check outhttp://www.bristoltn.org.