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Full Moon Jam Tribute Series at the Downtown Center — Slippery When Wet: The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute

September 02, 2013

Full Moon Jam is held every Tuesday and Thursday, May through September, from 7pm at the Downtown Center, 810 State Street. As part of the Tribute Series, Slippery When Wet: The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute will perform live at the Downtown Center on Thursday, September 5. Slippery When Wet was formed in 2003 by Jason Morey after answering many inquiries of "Are you Jon Bon Jovi?". Most notably comedian Dave Chappelle invited Jason backstage following one of his comedy shows thinking that he was the New Jersey icon. It was then that Jason knew he had to take advantage of the resemblance. Slippery When Wet has played to many packed houses throughout the Southeast and has quickly become the top draw at many of their regularly scheduled clubs. The band's shows are the most attended and highest grossing of any Bon Jovi Tribute in the country. In 2007 the band was officially authorized by Bon Jovi to perform their highly entertaining show. Their drive, musical ability, showmanship and dedication to duplicating the Bon Jovi live experience simply cannot be outdone. For more information, contact the Department of Comm Relations, 423-764-4171, http://www.bristoltn.org.