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Halloween Celebration at Mountain Empire Comics

October 22, 2012

HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION + COMICS = FUN, FUN, FUN! Join in the good times at Mountain Empire Comics in Bristol, TN on Saturday, October 27. Mr. Robert Pilk, esteemed purveyor of fine comics, graphic novels, magazines, and games, will have free comics + cupcakes! BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! The mastermind behind Mountain Empire Comics has also invited a variety of comic book creators, writers, and artists to his store for your enjoyment and entertainment! For more information pleasevisit31 6th Street, Bristol TN or call (423) 274-0450.

Special guests are subject to change at any moment, but could include the following:

JENNIFER ESTEP: New York Times Bestselling Urban Fantasy Author

BRETT MARCUS COOK: Comic Book Creator, Artist, and Illustrator

DIONYSIS METALCULT: Drummer/Vocalist/Writer/Artist/Madman

JEREMY MASSIE: Devotee Of The High Father Jack Kirby

LUTHER MYRTLE III: Comic Artist and Graphic Novelist

BETTY BADGER OGLETREE: Fantasy Artist Extraordinaire

Monsters, Aliens, Heroes, Villains, and Fantasy characters of all ages and walks of life (or unlife) are welcome to attend this totally FREE event! And while you're there be sure to browse through the incredible variety of awesome books and collectibles at Mountain Empire Comics. That final issue from your favorite series that you've been looking for is probably there! The action figure you've been trying to find might be waiting for you on a shelf! The latest, greatest, and best selling graphic novels and comics on the market are all there!!!