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Hormones, Health and Happiness seminar at 620 State

February 06, 2012

This free program, presented by Dr. Dera Leigh Stalnaker, Womens' Health Clinical Pharmacist is geared towards women of all ages and will address many different hormone related challenges. She will address the role of bioidentical hormones, organic nutrition, and correcting nutritional imbalances in achieving hormonal harmony. Whether you are a teenager struggling from PMS, irregular periods, acne and PCOS or a woman struggling with infertility, postpartum depression, hormone related migraines, low libido, weight gain, hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety. foggy thinking, irritability, hair loss or thyroid problems...this program is for you! Seminar to be held at 620 State at 7 pm. A light dinner will be provided, please call to reserve your seat. 1-800-263-8890 — option 3.