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King College Donates Historical Bristol Newspapers to Bristol Public Library.

August 24, 2011

The Bristol Public Library received a donation of historical Bristol newspapers from King College’s E.W. King Library this summer.

King College is remodeling their library and needed space, so they donated the newspapers to the Bristol Public Library where they are accessible to the public.

The microfilmed newspapers date back to 1865. This gives a complete history of Bristol’s newspapers that survived until they could be microfilmed and preserved.
The collection includes:
Bristol News Bulletin 1865 — 1948
Bristol Herald Courier 1906 — present
Bristol Virginian-Tennessean 1957 — 1969

The Bristol Public Library has had several requests for obituaries, crimes, sports, unions, and information on old businesses. “It was somewhat surprising how thick the papers were; very much like today. The advertisements had people on horses instead of in cars and Dorothea Dix did an earlier version of a Dear Abby column in the 1920’s,” says Susan Wolfe, Bristol Public Library Adult Services Librarian, of the interesting things she found while filing the newspapers.

There are somber stories of the times during World War II and the Vietnam War about local boys that were killed in action. Also there are some humorous stories; in the 1920’s was a report of a man speeding with his car going 15 mph. It was reported that they were going to check his mental condition.

This is an interesting collection and great resource of local history. For more information, call 276.645.8781 or email marketing@bristol-library.org.