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Local Author, Chuck Thompson to sign books at Bristol Public Library

November 08, 2011

For C.S. “Chuck” Thompson, Bristol, TN is more than just a place he calls home. It’s the place that became the setting for his detective novels, The Natasha McMorales Mysteries.
Thompson, Director of Counseling at King College, was born in Greenville, Texas. His family encouraged and embraced individual creativity. Early in life, he gained an appreciation for the arts, as him and his family frequently listened to jazz, visited art museums and attended musicals. “By the time I was a junior in high school, I took an adult class in existential philosophy at a nearby college with my father,” said Thompson.
After his family moved from Texas, Thompson attended high school in New Jersey and went on to Ohio University before moving to Naperville, IL. where he then met his wife, Barbara. His pursuit of a degree in Psychology was initiated in 1987 after several adolescents in his town attempted and one committed suicide. He returned to North Central College to finish his psychology degree and received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School.

“My first college teaching position was at North Central College in 1989,” Thompson said. “A year later, King College recruited me to be the director of the school’s counseling center and I’ve been there since 1990.” Along with his expertise in clinical psychology and counseling, Thompson has also designed and taught a religion course on James as well as being an adjunct professor at ETSU and Radford Graduate School.

Although he had written some before, it was in 1992 when Thompson began writing in more earnest. “The Crossroads was the first book I wrote which was followed shortly by The James Prescription,” Thompson said. “After joining a writers group, I was able to work on a counseling book The Presence & Truth. Since I had already written three books on the epistle of James, the group encouraged me to write my first novel, The Bishop of Jerusalem.”

After trying and getting nowhere with Christian publishing, Thompson decided he would turn his attention to non-Christian writing. “I have always loved detective novels, but the initial inspiration for the Natasha McMorales Mysteries came after working with a female who had been manipulated with heavy handed guilt in the name of ‘Christian witness’,” Thompson said. “The main character, Nattie is also inspired by a large percentage of the women I have counseled who get minimized, overlooked, underestimated and taken advantage of.”
Based in Bristol, TN, the books are bursting with local color. “I love Bristol because of the people and the beautiful landscape,” said Thompson. For locals, it is a must read as there are countless familiar businesses and landmarks throughout the stories allowing a new and interesting look to the place they call home. And for those not from the region, the books offer entertaining mysteries that allow the reader to dive into the Bristol culture. The series consists of four books titled Why Natasha?, Why Him?, Why Me? and Why Bristol?. Why Me? will be released in Fall 2011 and Why Bristol is in the first draft stage. The series can be purchased online through Amazon, Nook, Kindle and CreateSpace.

Thompson and his wife have three children, and four grandchildren. In his free time, Thompson enjoys traveling, chess, racquetball, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears. For more information on Thompson and his books, visit www.csthompsonbooks.com.

Chuck will be signing his book from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at the Bristol Public Library. For more information, please contact the library at 276-645-8780.

Lastly please note that Chuck isteaming up with a group that sends care packages to soldiers, Chuck is donating 86 signed books to the 190th Engineer Company from Morristown (they're in Afghanistan right now). We're encouraging people to bring stuff to donate, Chuck will give $1 discount off the books if they bring something to donate. And then at the end of the event, we'll present the coordinator with everything donated.