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Please, No Pets at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion!

September 15, 2010

It's not that we don't like animals. We love animals. We love them so much that we are requesting owners who also love their pets leave them at home or board them instead of bringing them to Downtown to Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion.

"It simply is not a safe environment for pets," says BRRR Executive Director Leah Ross. "The heat, the crowds and the noise are simply overwhelming for them — and last year we had an issue with dogs becoming aggressive toward each other. This year we are pleading with fans to leave their pets behind when they come to the festival."

Most of the festival's music stages are indoors and do not allow pets, plus the lack of green space at Downtown is another consideration. There is simply no place for them to "potty" and public health must be considered. Service dogs are welcome.