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PUSH! Film Festival Regular Deadline is April 4

March 30, 2016

PUSH! spotlights films that provoke thought and spur action. We're a change agent – challenging audiences to push the boundaries of their own worldview.

We are also a filmmaker's film festival.

We believe in empowering filmmakers by giving them a platform to share thoughtful ideas through any genre.

Sure, there are awards to be won, but we also put a lot of focus on the overall festival experience.

To us, it's about community, conversation, and calls-to-action.

It's also about showcasing quality storytelling in desirable venues and providing filmmakers with a chance to network and grow through a variety of workshops, Q&A sessions, and social events.

Hosted in twin cities that know no borders, PUSH! provides the platform, you provide the perspectives.

Visit filmfreeway.com/festival/PUSHFilmFest to submit your film today.

PUSH! Film Festival
October 21-23, 2016
Bristol, TN/VA