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After a Rain — Greg Booher — 1st Place

Session Winners Announced in Paper Windows Photo Contest

August 13, 2012

The 4th session of the Paper Windows photo contest was completed. “There were so many exceptional photos entered that the judges had a very difficult time just awarding three winners. We are so pleased that so many people in the area are getting out with their cameras and smart phones, capturing the beauty and feel of our area,” said Lisa Beckner, Community Relations Office project coordinator. The 1st place winning picture was titled, “After the Rain” and was shot by Greg Booher. The 2nd place picture was taken by Rudy Morales and was titled “Another Day on the Job”. This picture was taken in the Steele Creek area and reportedly reminded the photographer of what the early mornings were like as he drove into work.
The 3rd place picture titled “Steele Creek Mist” was also taken by Greg Booher. This photo was taken in Steele Creek as well.

We are very lucky to have a location like Steele Creek to photograph. The time of day changes the entire look of photos and there are so many different images available to a photographer. It is just a camera lens’s dream,” said Terrie Talbert, Director of Community Relations, the city department that is overseeing the year-long photo contest. “But then again, what a setting our entire town is, from its busy streets, to our architecture, to our wildlife and musical stages.” For more information on the PaperWindows Photo project please contact Lisa Beckner in the Community Relations Office at 423-764-4171 or go to www.bristoltn.org to learn more.