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Sessions 27 Pick of the week — Lisa Marie Presley

May 28, 2012

Sessions 27’s pick of the week album is the “Princess” of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley’s new album “Storm and Grace”. Presley finally finds her own voice in her third album and taps into her Americana roots. Her previous albums were marketed for Top 40 chart success, a genre in which Presley said she never belonged. In an off-the-cuff remark she called "Storm and Grace" her anti-pop record, and she couldn’t be more right.
In "So Long," Presley sings "farewell fair weathered friends" in a place where "Churches, they don't have a soul." In "Un-Break," the chanteuse's sultry voice harks to her turbulent personal life in lyrics such as "I've got run over by my own parade, I've suffocated in the beds I've made." In "Sticks And Stones" the singer directly addresses her legacy and destiny, singing "too bad she ain't just like her Daddy ... she got no talent of her own, it's just her name." With lyrics that have so much vision and a producer like T Bone Burnett who seems to just look at a record these days and make it a hit, with think you’ll be very pleased.

Music critic, Chris Willman called the album "a superior, Americana-styled effort that leaves her earlier, slicker, ill-considered musical efforts in the dust." Come by, give a listen and don’t forget to pick up your copy at Sessions 27 at 505 State St.