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Set The Controls: Recreating the Music of Pink Floyd

June 20, 2011

Set The Controls: Recreating the Music of Pink Floyd at The Paramount Center in Bristol June 24 at 8:00pm. Tickets are only $20! "With eyes closed, one would swear they were listening to the real Pink Floyd, complete with lushly layered vocals and perfect fills of guitars, keyboards, saxophones and drums. Set the Controls uses both vintage and modern equipment to ensure as close a representation as possible of the sounds from Floyd's classic albums."

SET THE CONTROLS is made up of six musicians who have been profoundly inspired the mystique and music of Pink Floyd. The band's members share the desire to create a live Pink Floyd experience that musically, vocally, and visually surpasses all others. Not only do the members of Set the Controls strive to perfectly reproduce the deeply layered instrumental and vocal elements within the works of Pink Floyd, but to do so in a way that retains all the emotion, passion and vintage tone found in the original scores.

Each member in Set the Controls plays multiple musical instruments. The guitarists in Set the Controls solidly cover the plethora of electric, acoustic, and steel guitar elements in the music of Pink Floyd and each has that impeccable Gilmour tone. The arsenal of keyboards is a beautiful 5-piece combination of vintage gear and newer technologies harmonizing together to create that lush Pink Floyd texture.
All of the musicians in Set the Controls are experienced vocalists, including male and female voices, allowing incredible versatility and range throughout the vocal arrangements.

(423) 274-8929

Show info: June 24th at 8:00pm
Tickets: $20.00 Reserved Seating