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Studio Centric offers diverse selection of original art!

October 01, 2012

Original works from a dozen artists will be on display during Studio Centric, a one-day show and sale to be held at Kil’n Time Contemporary Ceramics Studio in downtown Bristol. The event is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 7 from 1-5 p.m. and will feature paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, prints and more. There is no charge for admission. Additional information is available by calling the studio at 423.573.9950.

According to Sylvia Musgrove, director, the show originated in a discussion between studio staff and affiliated artists. “Bristol is lucky to host a large and growing arts community,” she said. “We realized that among our staff and friends there are potters, painters, sculptors, photographers—tons of talent close at hand. This show gives everyone a chance to see that creativity together in one spot.”

Part of the show’s appeal, noted Musgrove, is that it offers patrons the chance to see works from well-known, prolific artists, as well as others who produce lovingly crafted pieces in smaller numbers. “There’s a dynamic mix of styles and disciplines,” Musgrove said. “Some, like Val Lyle, Aleta Chandler and Nadya Warthen-Gibson pursue their arts full time and have broad portfolios. Others are teachers, curators, office workers, businesspeople—people who also love to create, but focus their time on a few special pieces each year.”

Selections will include: paintings by Christine Berg; ceramics and jewelry from Aleta Chandler; hand-painted ceramics by Howard Dale; hand-painted ceramics from Amy Davis; prints by Greg Howser; photography by Herbert Lee Jones; hand-built ceramics and jewelry by L.E. Kincaid; paintings, prints and sculpture by Val Lyle; hand-painted ceramics by Bethany Neese; hand-thrown pottery from David vanWyhe and Walking Tree Pottery; sculpture and paintings from Nadya Warthen-Gibson; and pottery by Kathy Winters.