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The BPL's 5th Annual Candy Contest Winners

February 23, 2011

The Bristol Public Library’s 5th Annual Candy Contest was a great success. Emily Gilbert, a student at the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College, provided a cooking demonstration while culinary student Cara Little, Chef Joe Cumm, and Debra Zandi from Troutdale Kitchens, judged the homemade candies.

Prizes for first, second, and third were awarded for each age group. For ages 12 years old and under, Ellis and Luke Ragan took home first prize with Goof Balls. Elizabeth Oakely took home the second place prize with Root Beer Truffles. Elizabeth had seen a flyer for the contest and visited the Bristol Public Library beforehand to check-out cook books so she could learn how to make homemade candies just for the contest. Third prize went to Katie Ragan with her candy, Turkish Delight.

In the age group of 13-17 years old, Hope Ragan took home the first prize with Buttermilk Candy.

For ages 18 and older, Judy Gass won first place, as well as the grand prize of “Best in Show” with Chocolate Buttercream Cherries. Amy Hale placed second with Mint Cookie Bon Bons and JoAnn Adams took third with Chocolate Hearts.

After the contest, participants and audience members were invited to sample and enjoy all of the homemade candies. All recipes from today’s contest will be posted for the public on the library’s website at www.bristol-library.org.