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The Bristol Public Library will be Closed on March 7th & 8th for Software Upgrades

March 04, 2013

The Bristol Public Library will be closed on Thursday, March 7th, and Friday, March 8th, due to a scheduled upgrade to its library management system. Both the Main Library and Avoca Branch will be closed. Other systems and resources that are available on our website will be unavailable at this time as well. Both branches will return to regular hours on Saturday, March 9th. If you have any questions about these dates or any of the library’s programs, please call (276) 645-8780 or visit our website at bristol-library.org.

The library shares the use of the management system with a regional consortium that includes ETSU, Northeast State, and the public libraries in northeast Tennessee.

“This system is what provides our catalog, checkout system, and user verification for our public access computers,” says BPL director Jud Barry. “These kinds of major upgrades are an occasional necessity with library management software. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Barry clarified that the Main Library’s public meeting room would still be available for any meetings already scheduled, with entry through the meeting room entrance on the library’s upper level.

The system also provided the functionality for a regional, interlibrary delivery system that was so successful that, as of January 2013, the State of Tennessee decided to make the service statewide. “We’re very proud to have shown the state what cooperation can accomplish,” Barry said.

Library staff will use the days to train on the new software and to attend an all-staff meeting. “With our 7-day-a-week schedule, it’s hard to get everybody together at the same time,” said Barry, “so we want to use this as an opportunity to train and to discuss things we can do better.”