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The Clothesline Project at the Downtown Center (Farmers' Market)

March 31, 2014

The Clothesline Project will be held on Saturday, April, 5, 12 — 3pm at the Downtown Center (810 State Street, Bristol, TN — the Farmers' Market site). This project works to create awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence; it celebrates those who have survived and remembers those who lost their lives due to such violence. Representatives from agencies that help women who have experienced sexual and domestic violence, supportive businesses, artisans, and various performers who are committed to the cause will be at the event — so come join them, enjoy local music and vendors, and make t-shirts that reflect your experience or the experience of a loved one. The event is free of charge, but donations are appreciated. For further information, contact Della McGuire, Crisis Center, 276-466-2218, dmcguire@crisiscenterinc.org.