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The Legends of Motown & More

February 10, 2011

When a trio of Detroit-based performers can literally take over a Caribbean nation with a Number One hit record that sits atop the charts for months and evokes an outpouring of screaming fans; when The Tonight Show with Jay Leno takes notice; when Business Week grants an entire article; when Chevrolet chooses this group to represent them nationwide…you know you are witnessing the real thing! And Horizon is most definitely the real thing: a riveting, high-energy, joyous Motown sound that commands the stage and the audience from curtain to curtain.

The Legends of Motown & More is no ordinary “motown” show. Handpicked for their voices, their dancing ability, their humor, their likeability, Horizon is a perfectly polished theatrical ensemble, complete with costuming and a world-class instrumental ensemble. Their breathtaking a cappella singing, their super-charged dance routines, their engaging wit, and their obvious love for the music all combine to catapult Motown back to its glory days. Whether Horizon is singing the music of The Temptations, The Spinners, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, or Earth, Wind & Fire, it’s as if the original group has stopped by for a quick visit.

Audiences can’t help themselves. Before Horizon has finished, they are on their feet. They are dancing. They are singing. They are cheering. They have fallen captive to Horizon! The Legends Of Motown & More is a guaranteed winner for anyone who ever danced, or fell in love, to the magic of Motown.

Horizon will be performing at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Downtown Bristol TN/VA on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 @ 7:30PM.
Tickets are $34 Adults, $30 Senior/Student. Group rates are available.