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The Paramount — FYI

May 23, 2012

The Paramount Center for the Arts will be having a new heating/air conditioning system installed beginning next Wednesday, May 23rd. We are hoping that the work will be completed by Wednesday, May 30th.While the HVAC system is being installed, there will be no power in our building except for the front office, and our internet system will be interrupted. This means that we will not be able to sell tickets over the phone/through the office and are going to have to re-direct patrons to e-tix online at www.etix.com

The installation will also likely cause delays along State Street as there will be cranes in front of the theatre to place the units on the various theatre roofs.

Please help us spread the word and reassure patrons that this is a temporary inconvenience for a long overdue solution. We will be trying our best to continue other services and answer calls. The main office will remain under normal business hours: Tuesday- Friday 9am-5pm.