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Thursday Night Painting Party at blowfish emporium: "Bird on Branch"

March 11, 2013

Come to blowfish emporium on Thursday, March 14, 6-8:30p.m. for the opportunity to create this unique painting with a sweet bird on a branch through collaging and painting! It will be the same price as our regular Thursday night events, but this will be the only night we will be offering this image in the month of March. Cost is $32 and includes EVERYTHING! There is a 5-person minimum, so we will be sure to contact all that have signed up by phone/email in case a class is cancelled. You must register for this class by Wednesday, March 13th. For further information and to register for this class, contact blowfish emporium on 276-644-1428 or info@blowfishemporium.com.