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Tyger! Tyger! Premiere at Benjamin Walls Gallery

July 22, 2013

Internationally recognized artist and Tri-Cities native, Benjamin Walls, has been in hot pursuit of tigers! Now, six months of pursuing the perfect tiger image are complete, and it all comes down to one big night, and one very big question... Did Benjamin Walls get the shot? To answer that question, the Benjamin Walls Gallery is hosting a gallery premier on Saturday, July 27, 6-9pm. Named Tyger! Tyger! — in honor of the William Blake poem that originally inspired Ben's fascination with tigers — the gallery premier will feature 8 new tiger images, Ben's behind the scenes stories about each, refreshments, and a few surprises. Tickets to the main event are $10 and are available at the door on a first come, first serve basis. The gallery is expecting a record crowd and also plans to host a private VIP party (currently sold out) following the premier. For more information, call 877-989-2557.

On February 8th, Ben launched Tiger Now, Tiger Never – an ambitious, all-or-nothing funding campaign with one objective — raise the funds needed to photograph tigers in the wild. Tiger Now, Tiger Never became a smashing success; finishing as one of the most funded Kickstarter projects of its kind – ever!

In May, Walls cashed-in the funds and embarked on a modern-day odyssey, tracking wild tigers in the jungles of central India. Along the way, he endured 10 days of lost luggage (which contained 1/3 of his equipment), 120-degree temperatures, and jumped hoops in the restrictive political system designed to protect the critically endangered cat.

In the end, he overcame the obstacles, mastered the art of tiger-tracking, and finally got the opportunity to photograph the world’s deadliest cat. Walls utilized an extended tracking schedule, a hired guide, and even rode elephant-back in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Full event details below:
Tyger! Tyger! Premier
At the Benjamin Walls Gallery
Saturday July 27th 2013
$10 payable at the door

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ben’s tiger images will go towards tiger conservation efforts.

For more information contact:

Benjamin Walls Gallery
701 State St.
Bristol VA 24201

OPEN Tuesday – Sat 11AM — 6PM