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Happy Train by Marlisa Osborne Moura

Winners of the 11th Session of Paper Windows Photography Project Announced

February 25, 2013

The final session of the Paper Windows Photography project is now open to the public. At the end of this session the project will see its conclusion. “This has been a great project. We have had so many people who wanted to participate, I think we will most likely have close to 300 pictures when the project is completed,” said Lisa Beckner, project coordinator. “We have so many talented photographers in our area.” The 11th session titled “Seeing Red” was just completed and the winners for the project are 1st place, “Happy Train” shot by Marlisa Osborne Moura. The picture was of the Steele Creek Park train winding its way through the park. “This picture reflected the descriptive titled, it was just happy, it made you smile when you looked at it,” reported a judge who serves on the three judge panel that chooses the winners each session. “You could just hear the laughter of the children and feel the warm sun while looking at this picture, it was great!”

The 2nd place photo was photographed by local photographer Matthew Mills and titled “Integrity and Pride.” The photo involved a red city fire truck with the emblem on the door. Another judge commented, “This shot was so cool, it had the reflection of the American Flag and a local fire station in the door of the fire truck where the Fire Department emblem is posted denoting the department’s motto of integrity and pride.” Mr. Mills is also a previous winner.

“Autumn’s Last Blaze of Glory” was shot by Jeff Levine. His photo was one of what appeared to be a maple tree along a body of water. The brilliant red leaves of the tree were reflected in the pool of water. One of the judges on the panel commented, “You could see the peacefulness in this picture, you could just get lost it in, it was a great shot.”

The last session is “Bristol in Blue” and has a deadline of March 21, 2013. For the rules of the contest please go to the city’s webpage www.bristoltn.org, click on the Home tab, and scroll down to the Paper Windows button. There you will find how to enter and other helpful information.

  • Autumn's Last Blaze of Glory
    Autumn's Last Blaze of Glory
  • Integrity and Pride
    Integrity and Pride