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Gleam: A Jones/Serway Collaborative Exhibit

May 11, 2018 | 7 pm
Bloom Cafe & Listening Room
(423) 573-1602 | MAP | WEBSITE

Drawn to the mystique, and lore that surrounds our indigenous landscape, Brian Serway takes it one step further, embracing a monochromatic field of black and white, his artwork reveals depth, and description of scene and circumstance that is as descriptive, as it is enthralling. From a distance, nature is safe, when darkness falls, shine a light, there are many eyes that observe you.

Featured art will also reveal new pieces from Contemporary Waterscape artist Wesley Jones. Utilizing the framework of oils, canvas, and mixed media paperwork, to paint a visual document of emotion worthy of any Hemingway Novel. The depths of all tides are not only turbulent, but defining of a positive stillness captured if one just waits. Patience is virtue.

As a true collaborative effort, Serway and Jones will be unveiling a short run series that in fact defines, and embraces the true forces of nature, and all the creativity that have shaped, and inspired them along their path. Nature. It’s truly timeless.